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As Hebrew College enters its 10th decade, we are building upon the rich legacy of the institution's past with a renewed energy and vision for the future.

Innovation, creativity and bold leadership will characterize our sacred work to bring Jewish education into the global era. We remain fully focused on our dual commitment: the highest-quality community education for youth and adults as well as rigorous graduate-level Jewish education to prepare a new generation of leaders, teachers and scholars.

New programs and educational opportunities will leverage the digital technologies that have revolutionized and expanded learning across the globe. Founded in 1921 to train teachers for a new paradigm in Jewish education, Hebrew College is now a leader for 21st century Jewish education, engaging the complexities of Jewish life and thought with pedagogic sophistication.

This website is your portal into our Jewish learning community. We hope that you'll have an easy time finding answers to your questions about our vast range of educational opportunities, as well as connections to the faculty and staff who can help you find the right match for your particular area of interest.

The website also represents our understanding of the need to leverage technology in service to the global Jewish community. As we expand our range of online degree and certificate programs, courses and new online learning modalities, we hope to make high quality Jewish education accessible to anyone who can tap into the Internet. In that sense, we hope to take Hebrew College's pluralistic legacy to the next level - and welcome a world of students to join our conversation.

B' shalom,

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Rabbi Daniel L. Lehmann


Rabbi Daniel Lehmann

NEWS: JULY 11, 2017

Following Nearly a Decade of Distinguished Service, Rabbi Daniel L. Lehmann to Step Down from Hebrew College Presidency. Read the Press Release.