Parenting your Teen Through a Jewish lens

Parenting Your Teen Through a Jewish Lens

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"Excellent discussions on real life challenges."

 "I feel I have more Jewish resources to support my choices as a parent."

Parenting Your Teen participants 

The practical and emotional challenges of raising a teen in today's world often seem overwhelming.  In this supportive and inspiring class, both ancient and contemporary sources of wisdom provide deep insights that help parents appreciate the uniqueness of their teen as well as their own unique journeys.   

Parenting Your Teen Through a Jewish Lens is offered as a 4-session course at various locations. See the list of upcoming classes here

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“The program helped me formulate a clearer picture of the values I hold dear, as well as how I can more effectively communicate and teach them.”

"As a parent, knowing that my Jewish faith and cultural heritage can guide my decisions with the everyday stuff has been an invaluable lesson."