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Modern Hebrew

Offered Online

Ivrit MinhahatchalahThis four-semester course sequence (Hebrew levels 1 to 4) enables students to recognize and use fundamental structures of Hebrew grammar and morphology, and to acquire the necessary vocabulary for basic conversation and reading of modern and classical texts. All language skills are mastered through elementary syntactic and grammatical structures.

Students learn the basic verbs in the different common active verb groups and their conjugation in all tenses. Students read and listen to stories and dialogues and participate in guided class discussions. Hebrew levels 1 to 4 are offered in either noncredit status or for undergraduate credit. The courses may be taken in tandem with graduate study. Successful completion of Hebrew level 4 or its equivalent  is required for text-based courses in Jewish studies.

For students with little or no background in Hebrew language, we offer a preparatory (“Mekhina”) course. This course, not available for academic credit, prepares students to enter Hebrew Level 1. For those students who do not intend to advance to higher levels of Hebrew language instruction, Mekhina may be taken as a stand-alone program as a general introduction to Hebrew language.


Michal Levy
Online Hebrew Language Coordinator

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