Makor Hebrew Middle School Classes

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Makor (“Source” in Hebrew), the middle school of Hebrew College, offers an innovative and collaborative approach to Jewish middle-school education through partnership with Boston-area synagogues and Combined Jewish Philanthropies.

apply now to prozdordownload program guideOur תלמידים talmidim (learners) come together twice a week — once on Sunday mornings, at Hebrew College, and once during the week, with each synagogue hosting its own members.

This unique model opens our talmidim to a broader Jewish teen community in Boston while maintaining their relationships with their home congregations.


Through effective collaboration with our partners, we aspire to connect and empower Boston’s emerging Jewish teens as learners and leaders.


Makor will be a leading model in the Jewish community for the innovative and effective education and inspiration of emerging Jewish teens — a SOURCE of חכמה hochma (wisdom), קהילה k’hila (community), רוח ru'ach (spirit/spirituality) and רעות re’ut (friendship) for our talmidim.

Our curriculum will come alive through compelling learning and programs that address the diverse interests and needs of our talmidim, supporting and challenging them in a process of intellectual pursuit, spiritual exploration, social maturation and building moral determination.

Makor will leverage technology to provide talmidim with a genuine 21st-century education that embraces the needs and expectations of a digital generation. The Makor blog will build a vibrant and interactive online community for all our stakeholders.

Makor will serve as a premier destination for student-centered educators with unique knowledge and experience, elite teaching skill and dynamic ability to serve as an inspirational model for our learners. Makor’s educators will enjoy a warm and supportive culture and exceptional opportunities for personal and professional development.

Learning and teaching at Makor will be strengthened by a range of actively engaged, committed stakeholders — Makor alumni, the Prozdor Advisory Board, Makor families and our educational and institutional partners — whose contributions will include strategic and conceptual partnership, financial advancement, community promotion, programmatic support and home integration.

Upon reflection, alumni and their parents will identify Makor as the catalyst for their sustained, meaningful involvement and leadership in a Jewish community.


Ariel Margolis
Director of Makor