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Central to Hebrew College's curriculum is the mastery of Hebrew — the language of classical and modern texts. Hebrew College offers a multifaceted and comprehensive Hebrew language program, both undergraduate and graduate, beginner through advanced levels, on campus and online.

Hebrew College offers several distinct approaches to mastery of the Hebrew language: Modern Hebrew, Ulpan, Hebrew Language and Culture: Understanding Text Series, and Graduate Level Hebrew. The offerings are summarized in the chart below. For more information, click on the links in the left navigation menu.

Type Focus Designed for

Modern Hebrew


Modern spoken Hebrew and building vocabulary and grammar skills. Beginning to intermediate Hebrew students who want to improve their skills in understanding and speaking modern Hebrew.


(On campus)

Modern spoken language and Israeli culture, focusing on reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Individuals interested in learning conversational Hebrew through the lens of Israeli culture.

Hebrew Language and Culture: Understanding Text Series

(On campus)

Language acquisition and literacy, with a particular emphasis on reading, writing, speaking and listening.

Students who wish to gain access to authentic Hebrew texts from biblical to modern.

Graduate Level Hebrew

(On campus)

Biblical and rabbinic Hebrew. Individuals preparing for advanced textual study requiring a strong background in classical Hebrew and grammar.


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A Journey in Hebrew

Meet Sig Kharasch, a native English speaker who honed his Hebrew skills through Hebrew College Ulpan classes.
Click here to read the article he wrote about his transformative journey for the Jerusalem Post Ivrit (in Hebrew).