Graduate Level Hebrew Classes

Graduate Level Hebrew

Offered On Campus

Graduate-level Hebrew course are offered on campus, and constitute part of the course of study for students in the cantorial- and rabbinic-ordination programs.

 A sequence of four one-semester courses equip students for work with classical texts; they presume prior proficiency in Modern Hebrew. These courses are Hebrew Grammar (Intensive) (fall), Biblical Hebrew (spring), Aramaic (fall), and Rabbinic Hebrew (spring). Students who do not have the requisite level of Modern Hebrew proficiency may, depending upon their level, first take Hebrew 3 and 4, which are offered in the summer, and Hebrew 5 and 6, which are offered in the fall and spring, respectively. Hebrew 5 and 6 are required for Mekorot students. 

View a listing of fall 2016 graduate-level Hebrew language courses.


Harvey Bock
Hebrew Language Coordinator


Sigalit Davis
Senior Lecturer in Hebrew Language and Specialist in Curriculum Development and Instruction of Hebrew