Degrees and Certificates

Degrees and Certificates

Degree School FT PT Website
Bachelor of Jewish Education Sh  X  X Visit
Bachelor of Jewish Studies JS  X  X Visit
Master of Arts in Jewish Studies JS  X  X Visit
Master of Jewish Education Sh  X  X Visit
Master of Jewish Liberal Studies JS  X  X Visit
Dual Degree: MJEd and MAJS Sh, JS  X  X Visit
Ph.D. in Educational Studies* Sh    X Visit
Rabbinic Ordination RS  X   Visit
Cantorial Ordination SJM  X   Visit

* In conjunction with Lesley University, Cambridge, Mass.

Certificate School FT PT Website
Day School Education (Pardes) Sh    X Visit
Early Childhood Jewish Education Sh    X Visit
Interfaith Families Jewish Engagement Sh    X Visit
Jewish Experiential Education Sh    X Visit
Jewish Sacred Music SJM    X Visit
Jewish Special Education Sh    X Visit
Jewish Spirituality and Mysticism JS X Visit
Bishvil-Haivrit Hebrew Language Sh    X Visit
Social and Environmental Change Leadership JS X Visit
Spirituality and Social Justice RS    X Visit


JS = Jewish Studies

RS = Rabbinical School

Sh = Shoolman Graduate School of Jewish Education

SJM = School of Jewish Music