NETA Hebrew Lanuguage Program

Bishvil-Haivrit-CET Hebrew Language Program

The NETA Hebrew language program, launched by the AVI CHAI Foundation in 2001 and housed at Hebrew College, is now partnered with the Center for Educational Technology, an Israel-based NGO and a leader in educational technology. NETA-CET is a unique partnership leveraging the expertise of Hebrew language educators and education technology professionals in America and Israel to support Hebrew language education.

The Program

The NETA-CET Hebrew language program is a comprehensive, cutting-edge program designed for students in grades six through 12 that brings Hebrew alive with print and digital media and face-to-face and virtual training for Hebrew teachers.

The program is used by more than 15,000 students in more than 130 Jewish schools worldwide. In 2015-16, the program will be used by schools in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica, Uruguay, Australia, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, the former Soviet Union and Israel.

Curriculum and Materials

The Bishvil-Haivrit–CET curriculum and materials encourage an ongoing and dynamic interaction between content, linguistics and skill development. They offer a wide variety of genres: prose and poetry, conversations, interviews, articles, notes, questionnaires and more; opportunities to master the four communicative skills — reading, writing, listening and speaking; and a sequential progression of grammar and linguistics.

The program offers materials for all Hebrew levels, from beginners to advanced. The materials introduce students to Hebrew of all historical periods: biblical, rabbinic, medieval, enlightenment and modern.


Technology enhances and supports learning with audio recordings, interactive technology, documentary films and more. As students speak, read, write and listen to spoken Hebrew, they encounter new viewpoints on daily life in Israel, Jewish tradition and history, and general world knowledge.

The Bishvil-Haivrit-CET partnership is bringing Hebrew language learning in middle schools and high schools into the 21st century, supporting the advancement of Hebrew language learning with an innovative blend of traditional and digital content and resources to help students master Hebrew and become active participants in Hebrew culture.